Membership at Heights health and fitness can be tailored to suit you and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Whether you want to just use the gym to help you lead a more healthy active lifestyle, or would rather a class membership, Personal Training

or a combination of gym + classes - there's a membership package that's perfect for you! 



Do you FeelReallyGood? - full of vitality & energy, fit and healthy. Comfortable with your weight - with firm, toned muscles? able to wear any clothes that you choose and to spring out of bed every morning without any aches, pains, or illness. 

Sadly, too many people live their lives settling for low, or even ill-health. They always feel a bit under the weather, plagued by continual fatigue, aching joints, depression, or even worse health issues.

 They don't realize they can FeelReallyGood

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